Chef's Choice Food Slicers

In this review, we cover popular models designed for home use (including compact deli slicers, such as the Chef's Choice 609, 610 and 615, and larger models including the 630, 632, 640 and 645) as well as Chef's Choice's 662 and 667 slicers, both commercial-quality versions produced quality EdgeCraft.

What All Chef's Choice Slicers Have in Common
All Chef's Choice electric food also have numerous competitive advantages that are common and slicers available in the US and Canada reveal several characteristics:

All of Chef's Choice food slicers, even the commercial-quality versions 662 and 667, carry price tags that are very realistic compared with several of the competing brands. And, once you've got your-self a Chef's Choice slicer that is electric, you'll be able to cut your grocery bills by buying poultry and un-processed meat in mass, and turning them in to slender, deli-style pieces at home.

Metal building
You need to note, however, that they all feature some plastic parts, with the lightest version - the Chef's Choice 609 Slicer - having the highest percentage of components that are plastic.

Chef's Choice food slicers are ideal for individuals who want to make their own preservative-free, low-sodium deli meats, but slicing meat is one of the many tasks these kitchen work-horses perform with ease. If you using a bread manufacturer or create your own bread, whether manually, an automatic food slicer can be a priceless addition to your own kitchen as it creates neat, even pieces of bread. Vegetables and fresh fruit bread and meat aside, cheese additionally turns into perfectly-shaped pieces of any depth that is normal - ideal for making potato chips and totally even pieces of fruit for the food dehydrator.


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